Communicate with your audience

A Mac OS X agent app that helps you communicate better with  your screencast audience.

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Show what you do

Let Present show what you do to your audience while you record your Mac OS X desktop. The app supports keyboard, mouse, and tablet events.


Tell what you meant

Show and hide on screen notes at any moment while you explain what you think. Notes can be activated via menu or, Options + Shift + 1, short cut.

After Installation

The app will ask to allow accessibility permissions until the permissions are granted at launch. This is a Mac OS X security measure.

Take the following steps to make the app function properly.

1. Open ‘System Preferences’
2. Choose ‘Security and Privacy’
3. Select ‘Accessibility’ in the left pane.
4. Click ‘+’ button.
5. Add ‘Present.app’
6. Turn on ‘Present’ by checking the left check box.

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